St. Francis Pledge Team


The Catholic Climate Covenant, Care for Creation, Care for the Poor developed the St Francis Pledge to Protect Creation and the Poor in 2008 encouraging all to pray and reflect on the duty to care for God’s creation and take the pledge to make a commitment to:

    • Pray
    • Learn: about and educate others on the moral dimensions of climate change; Assess: our own participation in the factors contributing to climate change such as consumption patterns and the use of fossil fuels;
    • Act: take individual and corporate actions to change the behaviors contributing to climate change and;
    • Advocate: urge policy makers to advance the Catholic principles and priorities in climate change discussions and decisions, especially as they touch the poor and vulnerable.

In 2009 St Monica St George Parish and Newman Center was one of the first parishes to sign the pledge and most of its parishioners signed individual cards to pledge. That same year the Archdiocese of Cincinnati was the first archdiocese to sign the pledge under Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk. The Archdiocesan Climate Change Task Force was developed and one of SMSG’s parishioners, Maggi Yocis, has been an active member ever since.

The St Francis Pledge Team has over the years calculated the parish and individual carbon footprints; has had the parish energy assessment done; changed the bulbs in the church and Catholic Center; kept a table of literature in the back of church; put monthly bulletin notices of helpful environmental hints; supported the St Francis Wildlife Garden; been a part of the parish Grounds and Gardens Team, supported the instillation of solar panels and upgrade of the lighting throughout; represented SMSG in attendance of many Climate conferences and meetings, including with the current Archbishop Dennis Schnurr; been a part of the parish education of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’.

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