St. Monica St. George Parish Newman Center serves many young adults who make this their parish. The priests, music director, coordinators and FOCCUS married couples make every effort to provide good planning and preparation.

Catholics who live within the parish boundaries, those who are registered here, alumni of the UC Newman Center, and young adults making this their community of faith are all welcomed to be married here.

Because of the many weddings of those who belong to this church, it is only by way of exception that other weddings can be accepted. There are limitations due to the time dedicated to each engaged couple, and the availability of dates, keeping in mind that dates need to be available to those who are members of this church.

All Catholics have a church to which they belong – the church in whose territory they reside. That church is the proper setting for celebrating sacraments.

Requests to be married here by way of exception need to be put in writing and sent to the pastor.

Marriage Preparation involves meeting with the Pastor for an initial interview.

In the months preceding the marriage, our parish offers a good program for marriage preparation and wedding planning:

1.Planning Your Wedding sessions in October and March.

2. Pre-Cana or Engaged Encounter weekend is an offering of the Archdiocese.

3. FOCCUS is an instrument ministered by a married couple in our parish – the results of this instrument are then discussed with the married couple.

4. Meetings with the priest who will preside at the wedding.

Our parish also offers a program for couples married one to five years.

For more information contact the Parish Office at (513) 381-6400.