Preschool – 1st Grade

In our classes for younger children we strive to plant the seeds of faith — seeds which will one day yield an abundant harvest! We want to help our young children begin to understand the beauty and power of our faith: faith in God and Jesus, an appreciation for God’s creation, and a respect and compassion for all of life. The program is designed to be fun and engaging, allowing children to participate in hands-on activities and games with a faith dimension.

Elementary Level

For children in elementary school, our program focuses on the following dimensions: 1) Knowledge and doctrine: our children will learn about basic Catholic doctrines and practices; 2) Scripture: children will learn about the Bible, and how the Bible can serve as a guide in our daily lives as Christians; 3) Prayer: children will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of prayer experiences; 4) Christian Service: children will learn about ways that they can put their faith into action.

Families with Unusual Needs

At St. Monica – St. George, we are committed to providing religious education opportunities for all of our parish children. If your family has special needs in this area, please let us know! We will be more than happy to work something out.

 Corryville Catholic Elementary

We are a “feeder” parish to this consolidated school. A number of our parishioners send their children to this school. A member of our parish serves on the school board. For more information please call the school at 513-281-4856.

For any questions/concerns related to children’s faith formation or sacramental preparation, please contact:

Sheila Murphy, Pastoral Associate