The purchasing of Fair Trade Goods exemplifies respecting life based on Justice. St. Augustine told us that charity is no substitute for justice withheld. When we buy Fairly Traded Products, we are saying that we Respect the Dignity of the Life of the whole person and all its ramifications. We respect fair wages, educational opportunities, development of leadership roles, sustainable farming, health care, and strong families in the most marginalized communities throughout the world. Justice & exploitation cannot exist side by side.

The Coffee Ministry of St. Monica-St. George Parish supports and sells fair trade coffee products. Look for additional selling times in the church bulletin.First Sunday of the Month: After the 8:15 and the 10:30 masses. Third Sunday of the Month: After the 10:30 and the 5:30 masses.For more information, contact the parish office at 381-6400.We sell Equal Exchange produts.  Go to to learn more.
Become A Fair Trader! *Educate yourself/your peers about Fair Trade as a system of exchange that honors producers, communities, consumers and the environment*Be aware StMoGo Serves/sells Fair Trade Coffee at all special events*Purchase/eat/give Fair Trade Chocolates – shade grown and produced without forced child labor *Buy Fair Trade coffee, tea, chocolate & olive oil for your home *Purchase Equal Exchange products at St MoGo and automatically Donate to CRS’s Fair Trade Fund *Advocate for fairer trade as a model for a global economy rooted in people-to-people connections, justice and sustainability WWW.CRSFAIRTRADE.ORG