2018 Pastoral Council
Front Row – Ron Callahan, Meagan Armstrong (Student Representative), Michael Schreiner (Staff Representative), Joe Metz (President)
Back Row – Mark Hemlick, Dominic DiFrancesco (Graduate Student Representative), Linda Weisgerber, Kate Heitkamp, Jill Collet, Nabeel Jadeed, Fr. Al Hirt

The purpose of the Pastoral Council is to enable the Parish and Newman Center community to fulfill its mission as stated in the Mission Statement. The Pastoral Council represents the people of the Parish and Newman Center community in the process of making evaluations and recommendations.

There are up to twelve members of the Council. Eight are elected, registered members of the parish, two are appointed by students by the Pastoral Team, in addition to the Pastor, the Pastoral Team shall be represented by one of it’s members. Members serve a two year term of office beginning June 1 of the year.

Pastoral Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Bearcat Room on the third floor of the Catholic Center.

Weekend Masses:
Saturday at 4:30PM Sunday at 8:15AM, 10:30AM and 5:30PM
Weekday Masses:
Mon – Fri. 8:00AM - Catholic Center Chapel

Saturdays 3:30pm-4:00pm
Most Tuesdays during the semester there is opportunity for confessions at 8:00PM during the Adoration time, 7-9PM.

Fr. Al can be contacted for individual confessions by calling 381-6400, Ext. 110 or al.hirt@stm-stg.org.

Fr. Clifford can be contacted for individual confessions by calling 381-6400, Ext. 108 or clifford.hennings@stm-stg.org.
Phone Number
Lynn Laake, Secretary
Deacon Mike Huffman, Business Manager
328 W. McMillan Street
CIncinnati, OH 45219

For Information on Directions and Parking