In 2005, the Pastoral Council of St. Monica-St. George……..

St. Monica-St. George Parish-Newman Center Vision: 2005-2020

Ministering to the People of the University of Cincinnati We are missionaries to the people of the University of Cincinnati, building relationships in Christ and providing spiritual formation and perspective in an eager learning environment. Our presence on campus is visible, active and consistent with the Gospel message. The University administration recognizes and values us as committed partners in the life of the student and the university as a whole.

1. We maintain a strong student community where students can strengthen their relationships in Christ and discover their valuable role as adult members of a parish community. 2. We celebrate meaningful liturgies so that members of the UC community who aren’t actively seeking a parish are attracted and can progress in their spiritual journey and grow within the life of the parish. 3. We reach out to and involve non-student members of the UC community and other campus ministry groups through active communication, engaging programs and commitment to the spiritual growth and education of the individual. 4. We evangelize through our presence, words and actions, reaching individuals where they are, impacting them in ways relevant to their lives and being content to travel the journey at their pace. 5. We teach the Catholic tradition to students and other members of the UC community to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith and facilitate their spiritual growth.

Growing in our relationships as brothers and sisters in Christ We are united by our love of Christ and committed to living the Gospel message. We are an integrated body of people embracing and welcoming a wide diversity of households, cultures, lifestyles, vocations and life circumstances from throughout the tri-state area. We persevere in our faith journeys sharing our values and beliefs as a Franciscan parish family. We truly are many parts, while at the same time being one body.

1. We come together to strengthen our personal spirituality and grow closer as a community by sharing our individual stories as well as studying and sharing the life of St. Francis and the Word and life of Christ. 2. We come together to celebrate our spirituality and love of Christ by actively being present for one another, socializing and sharing as a community. 3. We share our love of Christ as we reach across our differences and constraints and build relationships with those within and outside our parish community. 4. We embrace our diversity ministering to the greater needs of all those represented in our parish community. 5. We challenge each other to give the best of ourselves by bringing forth our time, talent and treasure in service of our parish.

Worshipping together We celebrate Christ and grow in our spirituality with vibrant life-affirming worship that is inspiring, inclusive and challenging in the rites of the Catholic faith.

1. We actively participate in liturgy for the purpose of coming deeper into relationship with God. 2. We share in inspiring liturgy that engages parishioners of all ages and in all walks of life to grow in the Gospel message. 3. We share an inclusive liturgy, as Christ would do, by our inclusive language and empowerment of laity. 4. We share in liturgy that challenges each parishioner to be the best version of themselves by living the Gospel message.

Working for peace and social justice We work for social justice as an essential part of our call as Christians. We live a life of peace by integrating Catholic Social Teachings into the actions and decisions of our spiritual, family, work and parish lives. In so doing, we promote understanding of charity, advocacy, organizing and solidarity as means of addressing social problems.

1. We actively help the less fortunate people in our geographic area with their immediate needs. 2. We promote systemic changes to equalize access to food, health, housing, transportation, work, and other human needs worldwide. 3. We educate ourselves and others concerning social issues and Christ-like responses. 4. We promote care and stewardship of all of God’s creation.

Being a prophetic voice of the church We at St. Monica – St. George Parish Newman Center are leaders of change, in solidarity with Christ’s mission, seeking to renew the Church, Catholicism and Christianity to the best of their traditions. We maintain our core doctrine and tradition while we challenge our organized religion and our personal faith to more fully exemplify inclusiveness and harmony. We are committed to focus on our uniting similarities as God’s children, rather than our divisive differences. As a result, our parish is a role model from which other churches may draw inspiration.

1. We seek changes in inequities in the church by actively involving to the fullest extent all those who feel marginalized by the Church. 2. We stretch our understanding as Catholics by engaging in inter-denominational dialogue with and experiencing elements of worship services of those of other Christian beliefs. 3. We push the boundaries of Christianity and expand our understanding as Christians by pursuing interfaith dialogue and service across world religions.