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Map and Parking Information

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Back parking lot Enter by turning right at the dead end of Herman Street. Parking available for all church events. Parking pass necessary during business day. Contact the parish office for parking pass inquiries.

Deconess Parking Lot Parking available during masses. Enter off of University Ct. or turning left from Herman Street.

China Food Parking Lot Entrance off Ravine Street. Parishioners are no longer permitted to use the parking lot of China Food restaurant during 10:30AM mass. Vehicles must be moved by 11:45AM. We’d like to thank China Food for their hospitality.

Hughes High School Back Lot Parking permitted during 10:30 Sunday mass. Enter from McMillan.

Hughes High School Parking Deck Parking permitted during 10:30 Sunday mass. Enter from Clifton Ave. Walk between Hughes High School and Deaconess Hospital for the quickest route to the church.

Do not park in the surface lot on Straight & University

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